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MAG Small Engine



We are seeing more and more gas-powered units coming to our shop with water in the fuel. This may be due to the 10 percent ethanol that has been added to all the fuel in Idaho. Ethanol condenses in the fuel tanks/fuel can, adding water to the fuel supply. Peter Sawchuk, of Consumer Reports, says, "Combined ethanol and water can corrode the fuel delivery system, predominately the carburetor. It clogs it up and it can't start."

We suggest that equipment owners  CHANGE THE WAY THEY ARE HANDLING THEIR FUEL SUPPLIES. Try to buy fuel without ethanol. Gas stations with non-ethanol fuel are Phillips 66 Stations (Ultra Car Washes), Baird Oil, Gran-Del, and the Northend 76 at State and 16th Street.

And of course,

See the following bulletin from Toro about this ethanol issue. (pdf document requires FREE Adobe Reader)